Total Recall | Prologue & Main Title
Concept Development & Design

The prologue and main title set the stage, explaining the pollution of Earth and the socioeconomic construct of the world following the Hemisphere Wars.  An info-graphic representation that worked to be digital and gritty was proposed.  Designed to communicate the digital details and story points, the style also needed to feel akin to the cerebral nature of Rekall and memory creation. 

The narrative illustrates the forming of the United Federation of Britain & New Asia.  Those being the two last bastions of inhabitable surface, the prologue concluded in introducing the transport through the Earth's subsurface that linked the two regions.  The graphics drop back and separate as particles that form the main title and then lead into the first scene of the movie, once again hinting at the cerebral nature of the information and memories that are ubiquitous with the film franchise.

Creative Director: William Lebeda
Associate Creative Director: David Clayton
Concept Development & Design: Grant Okita
This project was pitched at Picture Mill.
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