The Voice (Season 6) | On-Air Promotion Brand Package
Direction, Concept Development & Design

Shakira & Usher came back to join Adam & Blake for Season 6 of The Voice.  We capitalized on their return and added star power with diamond encrusted double fist bumps to camera and some exciting competition.

I had the opportunity to shoot the talent and craft the branded look for the season, working with a talented team to create an attractive package that captured the tone and tenor while inviting audiences to invest in NBC's rich, high energy hit show.   

Creative Director: Brad Gensurowsky
Director: Grant Okita
Concept Development & Design: Grant Okita
Director of Photography: James Belkin
Producer/Editor: Eric Zlotorinski
This project was produced at NBCUniversal.

Key Art

Style Development

Season 6 Modeled Logo

Those lips don't lie.

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