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Concept Development, Design & Animation

Design & Animation - "Overgrown"

15 years after the power went out, the world as we knew it is but a distant memory.  Overgrown vegetation has taken over the urban sprawl.  The metaphorical concrete jungle takes on new meaning as pavement gives way to brush and vine. 

The idea of presenting common place things in ways that engage our own imagination has always intrigued me. As such, I liked the idea of a Prius (a car known for it's technological advancement) not being a car, but just another part of the terrain.  Likewise, buildings, a Ferris wheel, and a water tower are all the same as a fallen tree or a cliffside rock.

The overgrown world was also meant to be hopeful and adventurous.  In some ways, this Revolution was a way for people to start over.  A way to reinvent, renew and set out on an adventure that would change everything.  

Design / Animation / 3D / Compositing: Grant Okita

Concept Development & Design - "Illuminate"

Hope was a prevalent motif for the first season and to evolve that, the idea of illumination really resonated with me.  As secrets became uncovered and the proverbial light was shed on truths, the visual imagery of illumination made sense.  

From darkness, the overgrown city is illuminated.  Following the light, we find the power symbol to be the source.

Concept / Design / 3D: Grant Okita

Concept Development & Design - "Symbol"

Quite simply, the power symbol was the perfect way to tease the premiere of the show.  Beginning over darkness, the transparent architecture flickers to illuminate while revolving to the resolve.  Once on, the fleeting power flickers off leaving only the premiere date.

Concept / Design / 3D: Grant Okita
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