Hawaii Five-O
Show Open Design & Animation

Growing up in Hawaii, the Five-O franchise was always present in one form or another. We'd watch reruns after school, hear the theme song at every UH football game. So when the latest incarnation presented itself, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of it.

Given the law enforcement nature of the show, I wanted to bring a look that promised the high tech, fast paced action of the reboot while maintaining iconic shots and tones of the original.

I felt it was important to represent Hawaii as much as possible. I mixed in Kapa (traditional Hawaiian fabric) design motifs as well as local names and places to legitimize and ground the Five-O database. We treated the scenic photos of Hawaii to bring out the vibrant colors of paradise.

The cast ID's were built as a high tech, police case wall and maintain the frenetic energy of the show.

The final product, an energetic show open packed full of paradise, surfing and action - just like the show.

This project was produced at Picture Mill.

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