Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters | Main Title
Art Direction, Concept Development & Design
Where the Brothers Grimm end their tale of Hansel & Gretel, Writer/Director Tommy Wirkola and Producer Kevin Messick begin with their own. This is not the tale you heard as a child, unless you were told of crossbow and gun wielding, bounty hunter, orphans kicking ass… and lots of fire.

Using hand drawn illustrations, live-action fire elements, and computer generated effects, we created a main title sequence that tells the story of the young Hansel & Gretel and their journey to become Witch Hunters.  

I had the opportunity to art direct, concept and design the main title sequence while at Picture Mill.

Creative Director: William Lebeda
Producer: David Midgen
Art Director: Grant Okita
Designer: Grant Okita
3D Modeler & Animator: Jon Block, John Bellas, Justin Betham
Compositor & Animator: Nelson Yu, Jon Wolfe

Original Storyboard Frames
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