Fast Five
Prologue & Main Title Design

To bridge the story going into Fast Five from the previous installment, we developed a prologue that served to explain the current state of affairs to the viewer while evoking a heuristic sensibility for the graphics.

The news feeds were designed to build and overlap each other as if a government computer were aggregating the data across all media platforms. By design, as we pulled back through the sea of data, it would reveal the data forming the main title logo.

Creative Director: William Lebeda
Associate Creative Director: David Clayton
Concept Development & Design: Grant Okita
Animation & Compositing: Matthew Vincent
This project was produced at Picture Mill.
Final Animation
As the storytelling needs changed, so did the design. Thus, we start on the main title logo which digitizes to bring the viewer into the data driven world and begin the movie.

Original Design Frames
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