Fast Five End Titles
Concept Development & Design

Pedal to the floor, the finale is pure adrenalin rush.  The end title sequence needed to deliver with the same intensity and energy.  They also needed to reminisce the past installations of the franchise.  All this performed as one seamless race that spans each installment to the finish.

I had the pleasure of developing concepts and design that helped shape the final product.

"That's how we roll!"

Concept Development / Design: Grant Okita
This project was produced at Picture Mill.

Concept: "Hyper Gloss"

Light glides across the slick, black gloss to reveal and define two dueling machines firing on all pistons. 

Capturing glimpses of speed and power, light peels off in streaks, transforming the cars throughout the race. 

Lost in the deep, silky dark and found in the sharp glare of glossy, specular highlights, the race transcends place and time, showcasing all of the franchise automobiles.

Concept: "Wet Paint"

From city to city, car to car, the journey starts in Los Angeles and flows, splashes and surges in a wildly organic race to the finish. 

Visceral explosions of pistons. 

Gas and oil combusts in the veins of the car. 

Blood, sweat, dirt, sludge.  This is what a race is painted with. 

Each aggressive brush stroke, skids and screeches over every turn and bend... a moment closer to victory. 
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