Deception | On-Air Promotions

"To find the truth, she'll have to live a lie."

A detective goes undercover to find the truth about her wealthy childhood friend's murder. 

The premise of the show is entangled in lies, secrets and betrayal.  Thus, the concepts for the on-air promotions focus on the untrue, the hidden and the deception as a way to press the truth.

The following are concepts developed for the Deception branding, marketing and on-air promotions.

This project was produced at NBC.
Concept Development & Design - "Projections"
Sensual.  Disconcerting.  Life or Death. 

A nude female form can be contextualized in many ways and this direction pushes the intrigue as more is revealed. 

Words, information, truth and lies are projected onto the body, all the while hinting, misleading and teasing curiosity.

Art Direction / Concept / Design / Editing / Animation: Grant Okita
3D Modeling / Animation: Jacob Vouniozos

Concept Development & Design - "Modus Operandi"
In this family, everyone is a suspect.  Everyone has a motive and opportunity to have committed the crime.  They also have their own ways of operating, Modus Operandi

Envisioned as quick cut, frenetic events, the style and typography communicate the visceral and unpredictable nature of sex, drugs, lies, truth, life and death.  Visual contrasts of color and imagery push and pull to expose the intangible contrasts of inter-woven and seductively dangerous personalities at play.

Concept Development / Design: Grant Okita
Concept Development & Design - "Reflections"
In a place where nothing is as it seems, an interlude into a world of reflections conveys feelings of disillusionment and fleeting trust... leading to Deception.  The water ripples and the perfect image is distorted and destroyed.  Who is making the waves?

Concept Development / Design: Grant Okita
Concept Development & Design - "Torn"
Centering around a series of clues and letters mysteriously left behind, the truth about the family is revealed.  A letter being torn and destroyed metaphorically parallels the family that is being torn apart by the truth and the deceit it fights to hide. 

Concept Development / Design: Grant Okita
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