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Concept Development & Design - "Power Within"
DC Comics' re-branded logo introduced the "peel away" design detail.  Reminiscent of a mask cloaking the true identity of a superhero, the challenge was to craft a narrative through which the logo would resolve.

Beginning with what looks to be a tidal wave barreling forward, energy and light build on the horizon like an eclipsed sun.  Gliding up and over, the wave is revealed to be the mask peeling back across the logo.

Peering behind the mask, the power and legacy of DC Comics is unleashed in a torrential burst of energy that emblazons the iconography of the superheroes.  Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, and Green Lantern speak to the captivating heritage of DC Comics.

The identity is resolved as the energy cools.   

As with any hero, their true power comes from within.   

Creative Director: William Lebeda
Associate Creative Director: David Clayton
Concept Development / Design: Grant Okita
3D Particles & Modeling: Jonathan Block, Jonathan Wolfe

This project was pitched at Picture Mill.

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