Billboard Music Awards | Branding & Promotions
Creative Direction & Concept Development

We set out to create a design for the show that was inspired by the “b” letterform to promote the 2019 Billboard Music Awards on NBC, hosted by Kelly Clarkson. Envisioning the "b" as a tangible, larger than life set piece, we developed a branded look and animation technique that served to incorporate show clips, Behind-The-Scenes footage and bespoke green screen footage of Kelly into this stylized environment.

That inspiration from the iconic Billboard “b” and the neon of the show led to creating a stylish centerpiece that helped display talent images as well as tune-in information.  As part of the package, we created a light tunnel and close up framings of the “b” letterform that directly tied the performers with the Billboard Music Awards, framing the talent within the letterform. 

During Kelly’s promo shoot, we designed realistic lighting by creating an immersive array of LED panels on stage that allowed us to mimic the lighting of the tunnel and would later help marry the footage to the CG environment. Using creatively placed framings of the “b” letterform and secondary animations of LED lights, we were able to showcase the show’s talent as well as communicate the energy and heightened tone.

It was a pleasure to work with an amazing team on this project to craft a package and promotional spots that so keenly captured the tone of the show.  What's more is seeing how the return on investment worked so well for the show, the marketing and the network as a whole.

BBMA ROI per PromaxBDA
Impressions: 199,317,703
Attention Score: 77.98
Attention Index: 36 (64% more interruptions than avg.)
Imp. Types: National 94%, Local 5%, VOD/OTT 1%
In-network Value: $1,330,845
Out-of-network Est. Spend: $673,705

2020 Indigo Awards - SILVER
New York Festivals TV & Film Awards - FINALIST

President, NBC Entertainment Marketing & Digital: Len Fogge
EVP On-Air Marketing & Video Creative: Ron Hayes
SVP, Original Production: Tracy Grandstaff
VP, Video Design, Magic: Kari St. Clair
Creative Director, Original Production: Steven Wagner
Director & Producer: Ryan Sage

Creative Director, Video Design, Magic: Grant Okita
Lead Design & Animation: Delfino Gamboa
Design & Animation: Matthew Vincent

This project was produced at NBCUniversal.

On-Air Promotions
Final Concept & Design Package
On-Air Promotions CD: Steven Wagner | Shoot Director & Producer/Editor: Ryan Sage


Music's #1 Night!

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